The policy of using cookies​

The policy of using cookies

1. What are the cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are stored through the browser on your computer, phone, tablet, or mobile device.
They are stored on the above-mentioned devices by the websites you visit, such as our platform, and contain information about your activity on those sites – for example – visited pages, time spent on a particular page and so on
Cookies can be: session cookies and they are wiped when the browser shuts down or permanent cookies and they remain on the computer even after shutting down the browser, usually until you delete them manually or they expire.
From a technical point of view, such information can be obtained by us through other technical means assimilated with cookies and used for the same purposes (eg: pixels, widgets, device identifiers, etc.). In this Policy we call all these technologies using the term “cookie / cookies”.
This cookie policy may be updated based on the developments that we will operate on our platform, and the additional information will be included in this updated document.
Cookies policy provides information regarding processing of personal data stored through cookies on our platform.

2. Why do we use cookies?
We use cookies to help you access our platform as easily and efficiently as possible.
Cookies help us deliver, protect and improve our platform’s services.
Through cookies, we can recognize you and this way on the next login we will be able to offer you a customized content by adapting or measuring the ads while ensuring the most secure and easy-to-use experience.
Considering how it will develop, these cookies may change their technological features in the future, so it’s important to read this policy every time you access the platform.

3. Which cookie do we use and for what purposes?
To make it easier for you to identify them, we’ve classified the types of cookies we use in a few categories:
a. Required Cookies – necessary to navigate on the platform.
b. Analysis Cookie – used directly by us  or used by other third parties (third-party cookie) to help us provide you with an improved experience, and to analyze how our platform works. For example: number of visits, duration, etc.

4. What special cookies do we use on this platform?
On our platform we use social network icons as well as embedded video content from other websites such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
In order for you to view this content or to publish such content we use a number of technical means called widgets or pixels which we obtain from other entities such as social media networks: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo, etc.
When you visit a page with such a content or when you click on a social media network symbol from our platform a cookie will be placed on your computer.
The platform can recognize the cookie information from your computer to understand how you interact with them and with the emails sent by us. We get this by using technical means called beacons which give us the ability to link the cookie information about you.

5. Placing and processing information from these cookies?
The information stored in the cookies used by our platform are used by us (Essential Cookies). But, there are also several services detailed below that can be used by us by making use of third-party cookies.
These third-party cookies are provided by entities like Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc. They allow us to benefit from the additional services they provide in order to for us to be able to offer you relevant and tailored material to your preferences. Thus, we manage to promote only those products / services that we believe you would be interested in.

6. How can you disable the use of cookies by this site?
If you do not want our platform to use cookies, you can always disable them using the settings provided by your browser.
There are some sections offered by our platform for which the use of cookies is necessary. This means that if you choose to restrict or block these cookies you will no longer be able to navigate on our platform. To be able to navigate this platform you must accept the necessary cookies, which are listed below.
If you want to delete the cookies from your computer, you can do it by using your browser’s settings. As a rule, this feature can be found under the Settings or History menu for any browser.

7. Advertising Cookies:
Cookie Name / Cookie Info / Duration / Owner / Additional Information
intercom-id-* / Saves the current session and identifies the visitor when he / she communicates on Chat with a Webland agent / Session / / –
laravel_session, HAPPIDS, sessid* / saves the current session and identifies if it is an anonymous or registered visitor. / Session / / –
_ga / Google Analytics Cookie that allows the anonymous tracking of visitors in order to measure the number of visitors on our platform. / Permanent / Google
_ga / Google Analytics cookie that allows to track anonymous or authenticated users to measure and improve the performance. / Permanent / Google /
_ga, _gat, _gid / The Google Adwords cookie collects information about how visitors reach the site or how they use the site. / Sesiune / Google /
1p_jar, apisid, consent, dv, hsid, nid, sapisid, sid, sidcc, ssid / These cookies are set by Google. These cookies allow Google to portray the interests of visitors and ensure that relevant advertising reaches third-party sites. These cookies can also be used to store users’ preferences in order to check Google user accounts. / Permanent Google / &
act, c_user, datr, fr, pl, presence, sb, wd, xs / These cookies are set by Facebook. Facebook uses cookies to manage social login data and to collect data about users’ interests. Facebook uses this data to provide behavior-oriented advertising. / Permanent / Facebook /
ysc, login_info, pref, visitor, _ga / These cookies are set by YouTube. YouTube collects user data that is aggregated with profile data from other Google services to display targeted advertising to web visitors from a wide range of own websites and other websites. / Permanent / Google /

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