Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Uptime guarantee (SLA)

SLA Purpose

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) determines the services offered by, consisting of Cloud Hosting and other hosting services. The SLA describes the qualitative and quantitative terms of the level of service that must be achieved for these services offered by Webland.

This SLA describes the standard level of service provided with each service, along with any other possible additions to it.

SLA Terms

The terms of this SLA have no expiration date and they will be valid until a new version of them will be implemented.

These SLA terms may be updated periodically to capture any new circumstances that appear in the document that were not known or available at the time of publication of the previous version of the SLA terms. A new version of the SLA’s terms will be subject to the procedures defined in the Terms and Conditions.

Associated documents

The SLA is related to the General Terms and Conditions as included on

If any definition or provision of the SLA is in conflict with those provided in the Terms and Conditions, the definitions and provisions of the Terms and Conditions apply.

In case any definition or provision of the SLA conflicts with the set of particular terms for the specific services provided to the user, those provided in the specific terms shall apply.

In case any particular term regarding the level of services is in conflict with what is provided in the Terms and Conditions, the particular terms apply.

Service availability

Uptime: The operating time of the services.

Soft Dreams SRL undertakes to guarantee an Uptime of 99.9% per day / month / year.

In the event that the Uptime falls below the guaranteed percentage, Soft Dreams is obliged to pay damages of 5% of the beneficiary’s invoice value for each non-working hour but not more than 50% of the invoice value for the affected period.

In the case of violations of the SLA type terms, the Beneficiary will have the obligation to contact Soft Dreams by email / telephone / ticketing system within 5 days from the detection of the situation and to specify exactly the problem encountered.

If the beneficiary did not report within the specified period, Soft Dreams will not be held responsible.

Support for server administration – hours of support

Webland offers one hour of support for each server per month for system administration issues. If the beneficiary wishes, this time can be used according to the activities described in the section “Professional Management”. The time cannot be transferred from one server to another or from one month to another.

On request, Webland can provide additional support for system administration. This additional service is subject to the prices and terms listed on the site.

Purchase support

When purchasing a server, Webland offers the initial migration of the website for free, and the beneficiary will provide all the information necessary for the migration to take place under optimal conditions.

SLA Response Time

SLA response time refers to the time in which the support team responds to a technical request that has been reported by email or via the ticketing system.

Our support team is available 24/7/365.

For clients who do not benefit from the management package:

By email the response time is up to 24 hours;

Through the ticketing system the response time is up to 24 hours;

For clients with the management package:

By email the response time is up to 1 hour;

Through the ticketing system the response time is up to 1 hour;


Ticket status

“Open” – new ticket opened by the user or the technical team

“Answered” – response to the ticket as resolved or waiting for a response from the user regarding a situation if necessary

“In-Progress” – the situation notified / the request was identified by the support team and is working to solve it

“Client-Reply” – the user has responded to the ticket and the ticket is expected to be taken by the support team

“Closed” – ticket that has been resolved

Our ticket system will automatically close all tickets that have the “Answered” status and the customer has not replied for at least 72h whether it has been resolved or not. The customer has the opportunity to reopen this ticket with a simple reply to the ticket.

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